Corncobology Enrichment Products

We supply a variety of environmental enrichments.

Our range of environmentally friendly paper enrichment and other enrichment products can be used in conjunction with our bedding.  A super entertaining treat for animals.

Enrichment is very important and encourages the animals to perform instinctive activities such as nest building, burrowing and foraging. Environmental enrichment enhances an animal’s natural behavior therefore reducing stress and aggression, and elevating the animal’s well being.

All our products follow the same high quality control production methods.

Cob-ology Paper Nest

Available in virgin kraft and white. Absorbent, dust free and biodegradable.
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Cob-ology Paper Furls

Used for both bedding and enrichment. Absorbent, dust free and biodegradable.
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Cob-ology Pulp Houses

Fun shelter and nesting for animals. Available in virgin white and kraft.
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Cob-ology Poly Houses

Reusable shelter and tunneling for animals. Made from transparent poly carbonate.
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Cob-ology Single Serves

Single serve pouches. Available in a variety of bedding or enrichment products.
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Cob-ology Cotton Rolls

Great enrichment nesting material for small animals. Rolls are made from natural cotton.
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Cob-ology Paper Board Tunnels

Great inexpensive enrichment for small animals. Fun shelter and nesting material all in one.
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Cob-ology Chew Enrichment

Chew enrichment for small animals. Available in various sizes
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We supply a range of environmentally friendly enrichment to encourage the animal's instinctive behavior. The same quality each and every time. Our regular quality control initiative guarantees it


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