Tray inserts

Corncobology Plastic Tray Inserts

Disposable tray inserts.

Custom disposable tray inserts.

Great for cleaning tough cages and excellent value-add for work safety.

Tray inserts are perfect when sensitive disposal is required. Just lift, bag and autoclave out.

Corncobology tray inserts are a real time saver.

They can be pre-filled with bedding and/or enrichment and will arrive irradiated ready to go. Just pick and drop in place. A real quick turn-around to minimise animal handling and reduce animal stress.

Cob-ology Plastic Tray inserts

Disposable tray inserts in custom sizes.
Available pre-filled with bedding and enrichment.
Save water, save time and reduce stress.
Made from PET plastic and supplied irradiated.

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